Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do You Button Your Shirt from The Top Or From The Bottom?

How Many Projects can you spot?

It is another beautiful Day

Hello Jazzlovers,

I am getting dressed to meet some friends, and I noticed something, I have been paying "attention" to mindless activity!! In other words I am catching myself when I am  unconscious in an activity, because I am doing something all the time, but my mind travels when I have started doing something,in my mind starting it is also finishing it so mentally I go on to the next thing...

A good example is the photo! But I will come back to that! Today while getting dressed after I put my shirt on, I noticed I remember picking the shirt out, and taking it off the hanger...But I don't remember putting it on and buttoning it up!!My mind was already on something else..Now here is the funny, I have never missed buttons on a shirt or buttoned one crooked because My Grandmother taught me to button a shirt,She said "Baby feel down to the last button on the shirt with your right hand and feel down your shirt to the last button hole with your Sugah put those 2 together, now feel up to the next button and button hole..all the way up and don't look down at the buttons"!! Try it it works every time! So for me buttoning a shirt is a mindless activity because I don't have to think about it..

So my aim, today is to see just how many things I do without thinking about it..Like leaving one room to go into another room to get something and get there an not know what I came for!! Did I forget or once  I started to go get it did I mentally go  on to something else? Good example if you look at the photo, I started cleaning that little table and the legs fell off, I went for Hammer and nails, but had to wait for it to dry before nailing it back together, while waiting I decided to read a while until I could work on it again..I looked up from the book at the quilt in the corner  that I am working on, and left the room to get a fabric I had just bought to lay against the quilt to see if it would work!!! Looking at the photo everything looks disconnected but but they were all in the process..Now my question is was I conscious the whole time ? Or am I as dizzy as I think I am some times!!!LOL

So I am going to try today to monitor every time I come back into focus!!!and what I am doing at the time..Because you see I am a Dreamer...      "The Loving Spoonful"  The Mamas and Papas...

And My Most favorite song about being a dreamer....  The mams and Papas... I love this song..

So you see Jazzlovers If I can button a shirt and not be aware of it, how many other things have my mind learned to do with out thought? But  it is wonderful being a Daydreamer...So Dream a little dream with me... !

So Jazzlovers
Until Next time keep the beat...

DW Jazzlover..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Southern Smothered Chicken

Hello Jazzlovers..

I have louisiana cooking on my mind today...The above photo is of My Aunt and Uncles Cafe which was a staple in my life growing up..I am craving their cooking today..But making one of My GrandMothers dishes and decided to share it...So enjoy...

Smothered Chicken
1 Can Cream of Chicken soup or Cream of Mushroom soup your choice
One Whole Chicken Cut into pieces.
3 or 4 or 5 good shakes of Lea&Perrin
Season Salt to Taste
Black Pepper to Taste
Red Pepper to taste.
One or two Small onion Choppled
2 Stalks of Green Onion Chopped,
1/2or more of a  Small bell Pepper Chopped.
Garlic to taste chopped, ( I like a lot)
1/2 to 1-Stalk Celery chopped..
1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce..
1 /2 Cup of Corn oil or sunflowere oil or crisco your preference, it will not affect the taste..
1 cup flour in paper bag..

Place chicken is large bowl, season with salt, black and red pepper add Lea and Perrin and soy sauce cover chicken well with seasoning, cover and place in fridge, for 1to4 hours or longer but Minimum 1hour...turning chicken in the bowl every hour..
In the mean time chop the trinity of Bell pepper, onion and garlic and green onion and set aside..(.I know There are more than 3 but it is called the trinity at home)

Heat oil (Not too hot) in a skillet that has a cover a cover, place chicken in paper bag with flour and shake until well coated, add to frying pan piece by piece and fry until golden brown on all sides,as you remove each peice of chicken place back in to bowel with Marinade until all chicken is done...
after all the chicken is cooked pour off oil except 1 table spoon, turn heat down to low and add onion garlic bell pepper and celery stir until onion is cooked pour marinade and juices from the chicken into frying pan and stir to loosen sticky brown bits in the bottom of the pan, now add the cream soup stiring until smooth and one can of water and return chicken to frying pan and cover, simmer over low heat until chicken is tender stirring frenquently to keep from sticking...cook for 35 to 45 minutes..
Serve over Rice...( I like rice and potato salad with this dish...)

You can also use Pork chops instead of chicken..
Now for a little cooking music!!
Miss Katie Webster,
 I have loved this woman all my life and she is where I am today!!!     Trouble Blues ( Great for stirring the chicken!!!) In the kitchen Music!!     Since I Met You Baby
Now if this is for dinner!!  It is ok to open a bottle of wine, and put a lot of love in this dish!!!!
Well Jazzlovers
until Next Time,
Keep the beat!!!
Much Love DW JazzLover

Friday, May 20, 2011

Josephine Baker Day The First Black Superstar


It is Josephine Baker Day Today 20 May

Hello Jazzlovers,

I have just returned from a working Vacation in Amsterdam and Paris, I will write about Amsterdam later. Paris I had not seen for a few years and was amazed at the changes, which I will also write about later.
What I do want to write about is Josephine Baker and the fact that even almost 30 years after her death she is still revered in Paris. Her image is everywhere and very often in places of HONER ! She is still a symbol of beauty and grace even school children know who she is, I seriously doubt it is the same at home.

Today 20 May is Josephine Baker Day, so instead of me giving a history lesson I have decided to let her speak for herself. Thanks to all the wonderful people on You Tube who loved her too and they have made my research very easy.All the links today are about her wonderful courage and great heart, her Beauty and her bravery during the war. If you are like me it took me all this week to listen and view all the wonderful videos of her life, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I will continue to remember her and her beauty, she had a fascinating journey.

My and Contributors to You Tube's Tribute:Enjoy

Ms. Josephine Baker
I think Ms. Josephine Baker has spoken very well for herself, and I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. I am so grateful to my mother for making sure as a child I knew who Josephine Baker was. But as a child I had no idea of just how wonderful she was.

I am grateful for my days in Paris to have reminded me of this Gracious Legend, and for their continuous love for her.
Untill Next time Jazzlovers
Keep the Beat...
DW Jazzlover

Friday, April 15, 2011

Do You Know who You Are?

A very Dusty Day and Rain In April!!!!

Hello Jazzlovers ,

I am sitting here thinking of many things, I realize I have much more time behing me that I have a head of me...I had a conversation with my sister last night as i was getting ready to go out with friends and My Sister said a couple of time " I know You" and when I was having dinner with my friends a couple of time they also said " I Know You"! I am totaly different when i am with family than I am with friends....So I started thinking..Does anyone ever really know us?Do we know ourselves..

There was a time in my life in between Lovers when I was totally lost,When I dressed to go out, I chose a persona to be that night and i got into charater..and thats who i was the whole night....But one night and i will never forget it.....!!!! I put my hand on the doornob and i had no idea of who was going out!!! What a frightning feeling that is when I realized that I had worked so hard to please people and be what they wanted me to be, that somehow I had gotten lost.....Needless to say I did not go out that night!!!That brings a smile to my face...But it was the turning point in my life....

I have only had 5 lovers in my life,( Yes I still believe in Love) Number 6 is
Circuling  Now!!!  All of my lovers have been long term. Now if you ask the family, they all think I am wild!!!LOL, It will be interesting when I go and they get together and i will be the center of attention,I would love to be able to hear those conversation....But if i was doing all the things that was present in their minds !! I would not be alive today!!You see I learned a lot from my mother...She too was a lost child, but the strongest Woman I have ever known...I am a love child and being a love child I have both my mothers heart and My fathers heart...I was a total mystery to them both!!LOL because I have both there shared traits......and I am so grateful for that...I am just starting to understand my father...

The only consistant thing in life is change..and after the first whore i fell in love with the only thing i required of my lovers was fidelity!  Trust me you don't have to waste anytime looking for it, if they are not true you will walk upon it!!! So do not wase any time looking for it...Trust was my most important thing in life....Until I met my last lover...A much bigger Whore than the first one!!LOL But my nose was open to the max,,I would have eaten ten miles of shit to find out where the scent came from!!!I am laughing my butt off right now!! Love is a MF!!!!! But unfortunitly I fell in love with a serious liar>>>>So when the trust is broken There is no reason to stay Pack your bags and go.....Never wait when you become unhappy!! I remember people asking how long are you going to stay here, or on this job, or what ever ,and my answer has always been " Until The day i become unhappy!!You Know I really meant that!But to get to this place you must take a serious look at yourself..Because no one is going to love You until you know, understand, and Love yourself!!! 
Life is an amazing journey!!!

And you know I am going to leave it here and come back Jazz lovers because this font has decided to go left on me....and i am not about to get frustrated!!!!Opps due to the font change I left you hanging Jazzlover,I do now know myself and because i have lost all my baggage except a Carry-on, I Now have friends who know me also...I have found i am easy to know....
" A Friend is some one who knows you, Knows all about you..And Loves you anyway!!! I really Love My friends...LOL 

I really did not plan for this to be a Della Reese evening but She is saying what I need to hear...!!!

Never give up on Love Jazzlovers and next time i will explain how I now know who I am....I am still in the conversation!!!

Until Next Time Jazzlovers...

Keep the Beat!!

And remember it is not that easy being Green!!!

DW Jazz Lover.

Much Love!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trying To Creat Some Beauty in My Day

Quilt top finished...

Hello Jazzlovers

Another day at home, so I finished the quilt top today!! I am just writing today cannot say what i want to say!! But the Blues are walking around my bed and my head...and in this town The Blues are Brewing!!

Everyone is waiting for 2012 but I think it has all started now...The world has gone stone crazy!!So Many gone before their time! and my question is For What???

There is so much running through my head right now...we are living in serious and troubling times..So I think I will just keep Quilting....Because it feels like 1950 all over the world....

Well jazzlovers Until next time,,,

Keep the beat!

DW Jazzlover

Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Here just taking a break

Hello JazzLovers,

I am taking a short Break Due to the Climate.

Keep The beat and Spread Some LOve!!

DW JazzLover!