Friday, May 20, 2011

Josephine Baker Day The First Black Superstar


It is Josephine Baker Day Today 20 May

Hello Jazzlovers,

I have just returned from a working Vacation in Amsterdam and Paris, I will write about Amsterdam later. Paris I had not seen for a few years and was amazed at the changes, which I will also write about later.
What I do want to write about is Josephine Baker and the fact that even almost 30 years after her death she is still revered in Paris. Her image is everywhere and very often in places of HONER ! She is still a symbol of beauty and grace even school children know who she is, I seriously doubt it is the same at home.

Today 20 May is Josephine Baker Day, so instead of me giving a history lesson I have decided to let her speak for herself. Thanks to all the wonderful people on You Tube who loved her too and they have made my research very easy.All the links today are about her wonderful courage and great heart, her Beauty and her bravery during the war. If you are like me it took me all this week to listen and view all the wonderful videos of her life, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I will continue to remember her and her beauty, she had a fascinating journey.

My and Contributors to You Tube's Tribute:Enjoy

Ms. Josephine Baker
I think Ms. Josephine Baker has spoken very well for herself, and I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. I am so grateful to my mother for making sure as a child I knew who Josephine Baker was. But as a child I had no idea of just how wonderful she was.

I am grateful for my days in Paris to have reminded me of this Gracious Legend, and for their continuous love for her.
Untill Next time Jazzlovers
Keep the Beat...
DW Jazzlover

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