Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do You Button Your Shirt from The Top Or From The Bottom?

How Many Projects can you spot?

It is another beautiful Day

Hello Jazzlovers,

I am getting dressed to meet some friends, and I noticed something, I have been paying "attention" to mindless activity!! In other words I am catching myself when I am  unconscious in an activity, because I am doing something all the time, but my mind travels when I have started doing something,in my mind starting it is also finishing it so mentally I go on to the next thing...

A good example is the photo! But I will come back to that! Today while getting dressed after I put my shirt on, I noticed I remember picking the shirt out, and taking it off the hanger...But I don't remember putting it on and buttoning it up!!My mind was already on something else..Now here is the funny, I have never missed buttons on a shirt or buttoned one crooked because My Grandmother taught me to button a shirt,She said "Baby feel down to the last button on the shirt with your right hand and feel down your shirt to the last button hole with your Sugah put those 2 together, now feel up to the next button and button hole..all the way up and don't look down at the buttons"!! Try it it works every time! So for me buttoning a shirt is a mindless activity because I don't have to think about it..

So my aim, today is to see just how many things I do without thinking about it..Like leaving one room to go into another room to get something and get there an not know what I came for!! Did I forget or once  I started to go get it did I mentally go  on to something else? Good example if you look at the photo, I started cleaning that little table and the legs fell off, I went for Hammer and nails, but had to wait for it to dry before nailing it back together, while waiting I decided to read a while until I could work on it again..I looked up from the book at the quilt in the corner  that I am working on, and left the room to get a fabric I had just bought to lay against the quilt to see if it would work!!! Looking at the photo everything looks disconnected but but they were all in the process..Now my question is was I conscious the whole time ? Or am I as dizzy as I think I am some times!!!LOL

So I am going to try today to monitor every time I come back into focus!!!and what I am doing at the time..Because you see I am a Dreamer...      "The Loving Spoonful"  The Mamas and Papas...

And My Most favorite song about being a dreamer....  The mams and Papas... I love this song..

So you see Jazzlovers If I can button a shirt and not be aware of it, how many other things have my mind learned to do with out thought? But  it is wonderful being a Daydreamer...So Dream a little dream with me... !

So Jazzlovers
Until Next time keep the beat...

DW Jazzlover..


  1. Creative environment and unique. I like...

    Mamas and Papa's selection brought back memories of lazy summer afternoons...just chilling and daydreaming. :-)

  2. Beautifully written Cuz. The mind is a powerful powerful gift. Dream on dreamer...