Saturday, October 5, 2013


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Hello Jazzlovers,

It has been a little while since I have been here. I keep my self busy all the time, since I have been away I have completed a Quilt, created a fabric, made new friends, and I actually sat down and wrote a book! This is the song I played a lot while accomplishing these things.    Victoria Wilson James "Perseverance Works"

I am not really concerned that the book sells, the important thing is "I Did It." The accomplishment is what's important. I have been writing in a journal since 1979 and there is a book there too, but not yet, I am not ready for that. This was a book that came out of my head, it is a different kind of love story, and I know it is not for everyone. Life is happening all around us and it really could happen like I wrote it. I do believe it is possible.  Queen Latifah " I know where I've Been" 

I still believe in Love and I am a firm believer that the "The Lord Win Not Mind if It's Love," I read that some where when I was very young and held on to the thought all my life. Two of the characters in the current book has started to speak to me and I have started their story, "At Last Home"   Etta James " At Last" Live

Here is what I learned while writing this book! A healthy new respect for writers, I had to ger out of the way and let the Characters speak for themselves, they will say what they want to say, I learned I have forgotten good grammar! That was the hard part. But I did it anyway!!! I learned a book does not always flow start to finish but reveals bits and pieces of where it has been and where it is going and it was my job to understand that. It was a wonderful experience. And I am feeling good. Nina Simone  "Feeling Good"

It is a brand new day for me My Friends.

Until next time Jazzlovers

Keep the beat.

D.W. Jazzlover.

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