Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trouble In Mind..

A place of Refuge

Hello Jazzlovers,

It is a beautiful day today..

To Beautiful to be troubled!!

But I am troubled so I must write it out..I am giving it to the Universe and letting it go...

I am normally a very happy person and don't let things I have no control over get to me..but I think I am a little venerable right now.. Nina Simone "Trouble in Mind"

I am back in my home town after being gone for most of my adult life, I have visited and have stayed a while, but I always knew I would be leaving so it was OK.. I knew what it would be like coming back and I really don't have a problem with it...I am actually happy to be back, I need to be clear on that front..My family is absolutely wonderful!!! Della Reese "Being Green"

One of the things I have always had a problem with is hypocrisy!!I have lived my life openly and honestly..So I was very surprised at something that happened last sunday!!( To be honest I expected it) Yet it did surprise me..LOL. For some reason last Sunday I decided not to go to church,It is a community event so I do enjoy going and being amoung people I have known all my life..So My decision not to go was unsual...When my Family returned they were a little vague as to how it went...Until a little later in the evening when they let it drop that the sermon was on Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve...(They can not get pass that one!!Can They?)!!! Della Reese " Fire and Rain"

I felt betrayed because before I started going back to church I had the conversation with the Minister, and asked if they had a problem with it I would not return,,and I was very comfortable with that decision...I was assured that it would not be a problem..I think the Universe for keeping me home last Sunday..I don't think I would have kept quiet...You see I am a Child of this Universe and I did not ask for this GIFT of being me...I am going to live this life and play the hand I have been given until the end...I have a strong loving and giving heart,that I am so grateful for..I see and work at creating Beauty!! If there were no Adams and Steve's there would be very little Beauty on this earth and what a dull place it would be...I really believe this.. Della Reese " The Games People Play"

The Controller of this Universe is amazing and does not make mistakes and I am a true Child of This Universe...I celebrate that!!! I can only answer to The Universe for me no one can answer for me and I can answer for no one else.. Della Reese " I've Got to be me..."

One More..... To say thanks for listening Jazzlovers I feel much Better.. Loving Spoonful " Daydream"

Ok One more!!

See I amfeeling better.... Mama Cass " Dream a little Dream"

Well Jazz Lovers


  1. No surprises here....disappointment but no surprise. You will find that solstice.
    One can teach, it's upon the receiver to learn the lessons. It's truly sad that the true meaning of lessons of LOVE have been totally missed. While these events or happenings still hurt, you know that you are loved by Almighty God. Call Him by His name...the true and Living God.

  2. You are so right.But it is still very dissapointing to hear...But I agree they have to answer for themselves....